bad breath

Why do I have bad breath? What’s going on in my mouth?

Why do I have bad breath? What’s going on in my mouth?

No matter how many times you brush your teeth, some people have bad breath. Also, such people are much more serious because they strangely don’t feel it on their own.

Today, let’s summarize the cause of the bad breath and how to remove the bad breath.

the cause of bad breath

1. Maybe due to cavities or inflammation.
One of the reasons for bad breath can be an oral disease. Typically, this is a case of cavities or gum inflammation.

If food caught between teeth is not properly removed after a meal, it is easy to cause cavities or inflammation, and if left unattended, the condition deteriorates and the breath smells.

Therefore, if you have cavities or inflammation, you need immediate dental treatment to prevent bad breath.

2. Smoking is always a big problem.
One of the most common reasons for bad breath is smoking.

Excessive smoking causes a bad odor in the mouth, but smokers often don’t recognize it.

The reason why smoking cigarettes makes your breath smell a lot is because when you smoke, the moisture in your mouth will fly away and dry and germs breed.

In addition, it is influenced by nicotine, which makes it smell much more. Therefore, if you smoke, you should pay more attention to water intake. 입냄새 원인

3. There may be a shortage of water.
If the body is dry and lacks moisture, the mouth becomes dry, making it easier for germs to reproduce, giving it the smell of breath.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink about 2 liters of water, the recommended daily intake of water.

Some people often breathe through their mouths, which can also cause bad breath. Because my mouth gets dry.

4. My breath smells because of the food.
Foods containing garlic, onions, high fat, and sulfide stimulate appetite, but they temporarily smell unpleasant after meals.

Therefore, if you are worried about your bad breath, you should reduce or avoid food that causes bad breath.

It can also smell your breath while skipping meals, fasting, or dieting. This odor is lacking carbohydrates during meals, so it remains after brushing, resulting in ketosis or incomplete use of body fat.

In this case, drinking fruit juice lightly helps to relieve the bad breath.

5. If you have a disease, you can smell your breath.
Diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease also have unique respiratory odors.

For example, diabetes smells like fruit, kidney disease smells fishy, and tonsillitis smells like cheese. In this case, the cause should be handled either internally or in the ENT department.

Many people suspect gastrointestinal disorders if the stomach acid flows back or has a burp, but it is extremely rare to have bad breath.

Also, there are people who think constipation sometimes smells in their mouths, which has nothing to do with constipation.

This is because aromatic substances that cause the smell are absorbed into the small intestine, not the colon.

6. Medicine can give you bad breath.
Alcohol or tranquilizers can be released through the lungs and can cause bad breath. Some drugs cause dry mouth and secondary breath odor.

How to get rid of bad breath


1. Use of mouthwash

Many people say that they brush their teeth well, but it is not known whether they have cleaned every nook and cranny.

It is important to rinse your mouth seven to 10 times after brushing your teeth. Because there may be residues that you don’t know.

2. Removing white spots from the tongue
The tongue is naturally coated with white. However, if you do not remove the white coating while brushing your teeth, you will naturally have bad breath.

Don’t forget that the last thing you need to brush your teeth.

3. Dental and dental care
If you don’t remove plaque for a long time, you can smell the breath. Remove tartar and visit the dentist regularly to prevent gum damage.

4. Eating healthy food
Most commonly referred to as fast food or disposable simple foods can cause inflammatory reactions in the body. 입냄새 제거방법

That’s why I have bad breath. Our bodies only lose breath when we eat good food and metabolize well.

This is because the circulation of the body becomes natural.